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Thank you to Zero Height Safety for your support!

Thank you Zero Height Safety for your Generosity!

Every quarter, the awesome team at Zero Height Safety hold team building exercises. This quarter they chose to get the team together to raise funds to support Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust. How did they go about doing that? Only in the most South Island way possible, by making cheese rolls!

All ingredients were donated by New World, Tip Top Bakeries, and Zero Height Safety, meaning that 100% of the sales was able to be donated. They put in an incredible effort, selling over 1500 cheese rolls!

“For the past ten years it has been our passion to improve industrial safety helmets in the market with innovative technologies that protect people from brain injuries in challenging work environments,” says Kristie O'Donnell, Marketing Project Coordinator at Zero Height Safety. “As Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust specialises in brain injuries, we feel they were 100% aligned to our vision of making safety an instinctive culture in the workplace, with the inclusion of protecting people from TBIs.”

Their support did not stop there, however, as they have a plan in place to increase the exposure of LFBIT through selling helmets. Zero Height Safety distributes over 10,000 helmets into the industrial market every year, and from February they pledge to donate $1 for every helmet sold to LFBIT!

“We recognise what a vital service LFBIT is in the community and want to increase awareness of them as an organisation through our 150+ retail stores that we supply safety equipment to throughout New Zealand. By promoting this partnership instore and to our customers, we believe can get the valued exposure that Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust deserves.”

We can’t give enough thanks to Zero Height Safety for their incredible donation, and we are so excited to continue our relationship with them in the future to come!