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About us

We support those impacted by brain injury in Canterbury and the surrounding regions. We are the only providers like this in the South Island and one of only three across New Zealand.

Our vision and mission are consistent with the themes of the NZ Disability Strategy and the Ministry of Health's philosophy of Disability Support Services, which is to:

  • Promote a person’s quality of life and enable community participation and inclusion, and maximise independence
  • Support a person to make decisions and have control over their lives and services
  • Focus on the individual and where relevant family/whānau
  • Should be flexible and responsive to a person's goals and needs

The Laura Fergusson Orchid

The cymbidium 'Laura Fergusson' orchid was bred and named after Lady Fergusson in 1980 by a successful American-based New Zealand grower and was registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in the UK in 1981. 100 seedlings were grown and distributed among orchid enthusiasts, including 20 plants that were sent to New Zealand. Unfortunately, an extensive search with orchid growers today has been inconclusive as to the whereabouts of the plants now. However, the National Board of the Laura Fergusson Trust has commissioned botanical artist Sue Wickison to paint this watercolour of the orchid based on photographs from the plants in 1980, while also working from living flowers from a modern hybrid that was confirmed by the original breeder to be similar in colour and shape.

Our logo is inspired by this unique flower.

Support our work

As an independent charity, we are grateful to those who kindly support us. Gifts are used to ensure the delivery of our services remains exemplary and assists in advancing our research in the field of brain injury rehabilitation.

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