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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

The Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust (LFBIT) provides high-quality clinical care and community rehabilitation that help support clients who are affected by stroke, traumatic and acquired brain injury, spinal injury, post-surgical recovery, and neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis.

This Policy sets out how LFBIT will ensure all Client and Employee Information is managed in accordance with LFBIT and Employees’ legal, ethical, and professional obligations.
This Policy:

  • Establishes the framework by which LFBIT and Employees will manage Information and protect Individual’s privacy.
  • Sets out obligations and responsibilities that LFBIT and Employees must meet to comply with their legal obligations in the Privacy Act (PA), Health Information Privacy Code (HIPC), and other relevant legislation in relation to Personal and Health Information collected and held by LFBIT.
  • Sets out how LFBIT will manage an actual or potential privacy breach.