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Thank you Dawn and Plants for Charity for your incredible support!

Thank you Dawn and Plants for Charity for your incredible support!

We would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Dawn from PLANTS for CHARITY for her recent donation to Laura Ferguson Brain Injury Trust. Dawn has raised and donated an incredible $20,000 to a variety of charities over the past two and half years from the sale of her plants. We spoke to Dawn about her work.

"I started PLANTS for CHARITY because I love gardening and wanted to have a worthwhile hobby that I could do at home, mainly because my husband doesn’t keep good health. With the support of a lot of lovely people, this hobby has been getting bigger and bigger over the last 2½ years. My husband fears we are being taken over by plants!

It is quite a challenge keeping a good selection of cheap, healthy plants for sale on Marketplace. I have 57 listings on Marketplace at present all marked PLANTS for CHARITY. I try to keep a good selection of perennials, succulents, natives, bulbs and tubers when available. I have had help from a lot of very kind people, especially Veronica Van der Knaap who has given me a massive amount of plants and dahlia tubers. A very big thank you to Veronica and all the other wonderful people who have supported PLANTS for CHARITY by purchasing plants and bulbs!

My bestsellers have been dahlia tubers and calla lilies although the very popular osteospermum and gazanias with their long flowering seasons are always favourites. I have hyacinth, tulip and daffodil bulbs available now.

I decided to donate to the Laura Fergusson Foundation after reading Sam Neil’s story about his friend who lived at Laura Fergusson following a brain injury, and all the wonderful work the Laura Fergusson Foundation do and what they can achieve by helping people to have a better life."

Dawn, we are blown away by what you do and your support of a number of different charities. You can find and support PLANTS for CHARITY on Facebook Marketplace.