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Staff Appreciation Post: Wendy

Staff Appreciation Post: Wendy

Can Do Catering has an incredible team in the kitchen, and today we would love to acknowledge Wendy!

Wendy has been a part of the Can-Do Catering team for the past eight years. Currently, she works four-six hours, two to three days a week, although this does vary from week to week.

"I love my work, everything about it,” says Wendy. “Meeting people, they want to know everything about it!"

A regular day at work starts with setting up her workstation ready to commence preparing vegetables, savoury pastries and sausage rolls for customers’ orders.

One thing Wendy loves is the bliss balls and is even nicknamed the “bliss ball queen” by her co-workers.

Assisting with large-scale event setup, including conferences and weddings is something Wendy is passionate about.

Wendy loves her work with Can Do Catering and is incredibly hopeful that it will continue well

"The food is unbelievable, it is presented amazingly."

Thank you Wendy for all of your work with us! It is fantastic to have had you on the team for so long!