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Staff Appreciation Post: Lorna!

Staff Appreciation Post: Lorna!

If you have ever found yourself at Brougham St, you’re likely to have found yourself the joy of meeting Lorna, our wonderful receptionist. While she will be the first person you see at the front desk, her contributions to LFBIT go far beyond, and it is safe to say we would not be the same without her!

Lorna has worked with LFBIT for just over a year, after searching for work not by role, but rather with an organisation she believes in. Her favourite parts of the job vary from day to day, but she loves working with the team every day and being helpful wherever she can. “The clients are pretty amazing,” Lorna adds, “I just try to add a little bit of humour or joy to their day as they walk in.”

Lorna is also part of the wellness committee, which was established this year to increase the support and wellness of staff. A role on this team has been a natural fit for Lorna, aligning well with her personal interests and strengths. The wellness committee is exploring ways to help staff in their work and home lives using methods from our very own psychologists, occupational therapists, and the rest of the team, to try and build a nurturing environment for all.

“One thing I really love about the organisation as a whole is that there is an openness to improving and actually trying to make this workplace not just amazing, supportive, and life-changing for the clients, but also for the staff.”

There are some very important next steps Lorna sees for the wellness committee, the top priority being the introduction of a therapy cat. And she has one in mind, being her own, Ryleigh! “He would be an important member, he’s got a lot of important ideas along the lines of ‘meow,’ and can bring some unique things to the table - ‘perhaps some fur with a dose of serotonin and dopamine,’ anyone?”

In addition to her efforts to increase staff wellness, Lorna is also a champion of inclusiveness at LFBIT. There has been an effort to increase the acknowledgement and incorporation of biculturalism. This has included incorporating te reo into signage, the encouragement of staff to speak, and openness to learn more about the language.

“We have been working with our amazing cultural advisor Francis Fasso, baby steps that will hopefully lead us to the bigger picture. I think we are making an active effort in improving and making sure everyone is included, not just with culture but with sexuality, race, religion. We try to approach it with a holistic point of view.”

Lorna's work is much appreciated among staff. “Lorna is more than just a receptionist; she's the glue that holds Brougham St together,” says Megan Bond, Clinical Administrator for the Assessment Team. “There is so much that she does for us that we have no idea about and we would be lost without her. She’s a favourite with clients and staff alike and a joy to work with.”

Lorna says it is awesome to see the growth in awareness of LFBIT since she started working here. “The staff are amazing and deserve so much credit for the hard work they do, and for the care and attention that they put into every day. They genuinely change lives and I hope they realise that.”

This admiration goes both ways! We are so thankful for all of the work that Lorna does for LFBIT, and are grateful for the cheery culture she creates right from the front door!