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Thank you Courtney for your exemplary work!

Staff Appreciation Post: Courtney Henderson

We have no shortage of friendly and enthusiastic staff here at the Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust. Courtney is one of our exemplary occupational therapists, whose skills and personality are a huge asset to our team.

Courtney works with clients after injury, in discovering new options for mobility in wheelchair and seating, and for extra-curricular activities. This involves going out into the community, assessing clients, recommending equipment, and providing education to increase accessibility that aligns with clients’ injury-related needs, goals, and abilities.

Her work extends beyond powered mobility, as she works with clients in creating custom seating for complex postures, positional supports to improve comfort in bed, and pressure injury management. This wide range of services is something that Courtney and the rest of the Mobility Hub clinic excel in.

Courtney focuses on supporting clients in meeting their individual goals and needs. She firmly believes that clients know their bodies best. “I’m only there for a moment in time and I feel very lucky that I am a part of their journey. It is a collaboration. I know what options are available out there and they know what’s going to potentially work for them.”

Courtney enjoys the rewarding experience of sitting with the client, working through the assessment process, discovering the core issue, and exploring it from a holistic perspective. However, nothing beats seeing the client over the moon after being set up with their new equipment. “It gives you the warm and fuzzies, you’re just there for a small part of the journey, but, you’ve made a difference.”

Courtney has a keen interest in developing the paediatric side of Laura Fergusson’s Assessment services, as well as continuing work with clients in their early power mobility skills.