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Staff Appreciation Post: Christina Chisnall

Staff Appreciation Post: Christina Chisnall

We would love to shine a light on the work of Christina Chisnall, one of our outstanding residential support workers. Christina is a key member of the fantastic team based at Te Orewai!

Christina started with us at the Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust in January 2021 and says she has loved it ever since. Her passion for support work began growing up looking to her mother, who works in healthcare. Seeing the truly rewarding work of caring for people, and helping others meet their needs, sparked Christina on her journey of caring for others.

Christina’s work as a residential support worker varies greatly from day to day. Tasks can involve physical support, including helping residents with household tasks, medication administration, driving to appointments and activities, and communicating with the residents’ families, doctors and other healthcare professionals. A regular day starts by getting the clients up and ready and helping them to look their best, assisting them with preparing breakfast and medication, cleaning their units and planning their day.

“I have to be an all-rounder kind of person here, it’s not a set thing,” says Christina. “It is about making sure their needs are met and content. I love working with the residents, they are an awesome group of people and I enjoy helping each one to live their best life."

“Christina is an outstanding example of a support worker, she is not only reliable, kind, honest, transparent and hardworking, but Christina also gets holistic care and practices holistic care,” says Melissa Trafford, Services Manager Community Living. “Christina is an absolute asset to the Te Orewai team, always going above and beyond.”

Reflecting on her favourite memories, Christina says one of the best days that sticks out was the day she took her key resident Wendy, and had a shopping spree to kit out her unit! They spent the day together, picking out a new bed, wardrobe, and furniture.

“She’s never had that ever in her life, it was special to see her have that, she was over the moon”. Says Christina. "Being able to see that impact and be a part of that was amazing."

Along with the opportunity for one-on-one care for clients, Christina also says the best part of her work is the opportunity to work with the Te Orewai team.

“I love my Te Orewai work family, there are days that are great, and also days where it is challenging.” Says Christina. “The team is what makes those good and bad days flow. We all support each other.”

It is very special to have Christina as a part of our team. She does amazing work for the residents and cares deeply about helping them meet their needs. We are so grateful to have a person with such great character in our team. He whetū koe!