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Recovery of Mind, Body and Brain - Tewi’s story

Recovery of Mind, Body and Brain - Tewi’s story

Today we share the story of Tewi, a client of Laura Fergusson with a large smile and many jokes under his belt. Tewi’s journey began after acquiring a brain injury in 2007, and he has been involved in many services to “help my mind, body and brain to get all good.”

Tewi currently lives in Laura Fergusson residential care, and says he is “spoilt here, all of the staff are all good!” He loves that he has his own room, washing and dishes done and he is always fed with good and healthy food. “Life would be different if I didn’t have the people here – I would be down here instead of up here.” Down here being at his knees and up here next to his big smile.

To help his mind and brain Tewi has rehab coaching twice a week, helping him with the day-to-day tasks. His rehab coach supports him to keep on top of life admin and to plan and maintain a routine, including his job and getting to the gym. Tewi knows that over time his needs have changed, and the rehab coach is able to help and adjust as needed.

Tewi also attends our reconnect group, a weekly get-together to provide a safe and social setting and teach life skills to those with brain injuries. Groups go out and about around Christchurch, exploring new activities week to week, including bowling, rowing, yoga mini golf, museums as well as sessions practising cooking and other life skills.

Tewi loves spending time with the group, not only because the time is taken to ensure their needs are met, but for the opportunity to be social with others who have a TBI. “Everyone is in the same boat, we all get each other, and the situations were in.”

Tewi loves to work out to help his body, “Exercise big, sleep well” he says. He enjoys the Laura Fergusson FIT group to do a range of activities, walking, swimming, running, yoga, and his favourite, the rowing machine! His physio Jo helps him with strengthening his body, keeping him motivated, and supporting him to “get my body all good.”

Outside of LFBIT, Tewi works four days a week, two hours a day at MOVe Logistics, where he empties the bins and ensures the aisle is clean. Before his accident, he worked for MOVe, and would "make them look good.” A hard worker, he would work 13 hours a day. Now, they “make me look good” with their acceptance and accommodation of his injury. Tewi feels that heaps of people in the same situation were ignored and dismissed by their company. He is “forever glad for MOVe Logistics.”

Tewi has an exciting future ahead of him, looking forward to becoming a grandfather. “My girl is having her girl,” he says with a beaming grin. Due around the same time as his birthday, Tewi is sure to make a wonderful caring grandfather.

Tewi's advice to the public is to listen to “what I say, not how I say it” He notes that so many people ignore him and talk about him instead of to him. And you should be sure to listen if you get the opportunity to meet Tewi, you are sure to hear a fantastic story from this incredible man! Thank you Tewi for sharing with us!