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National Volunteer Week - Simon Mortimer

National Volunteer Week - Simon Mortimer

At LFBIT, we have an incredible range of volunteers who contribute in their own way to what we do. From helping out in week to week activities, to helping run events, we are consistently overwhelmed by the time and effort our volunteers put in. This week we’d love to acknowledge one of these fantastic people: Simon Mortimer.

Nineteen years ago, Simon fell off his mountain bike and suffered a severe TBI.

“The things one does for a ride in a helicopter!” says Simon. “I have no real memory of my accident and the next four weeks in hospital. All I know is I broke my helmet, jaw and 'jumbled up the marbles' in my head. I was lucky, it could easily have been a lot worse.”

Recovery took time, to this day Simon has reminders of his TBI in his speech, and tiredness if he overworks. These days, he works three days a week, and has found himself with a little extra free time. Because of this, Simon decided it was time to help those who were in need and got in contact with us at LFBIT. Looking to help in any way he could, a role was found to support Can Do Catering with maintaining its vegetable garden.

Since 2021, Simon has helped out in the vegetable garden, planting, weeding and nurturing the vegetables that Can Do Catering use for their work. There is plenty to grow, with broccoli, spring onions, carrots, courgettes, edible flowers, and even some self-seeded cherry tomatoes that have sprung up thanks to some soil that Simon has brought.

“I generally visit once a week and spend 30 - 60 minutes in the garden depending on what needs to be done. I find it therapeutic and really enjoy it.”

Simon says that since his TBI he has found change in personality, for the better. He has found he has a higher sense of empathy and understanding, and is more willing to share emotions than he once was. Because of this, he wanted to volunteer for any work available at LFBIT, and we are so grateful for everything he has done!