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National Psychology Week!

National Psychology Week!

Our team of Clinical Psychologists and Neuropsychologists play a crucial role in the rehabilitation of clients with brain and spinal injuries. They start by assessing the individual following their injury and determining how the injury has affected their everyday functioning. They then work with our clients to help them negotiate the emotional, behavioural and cognitive changes that can occur following an injury.

They also often work with family members to provide education and support in what is often a very challenging journey. Our Psychologists help our clients understand the impact the injury has had on them and their mental health and develop strategies to help them cope better with those challenges.

Our Psychologists also help clients to understand how both what has happened prior to their injury in their lives, and what is going on for them now, can help or hinder their recovery.

Being a Psychologist at Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust (LFBIT) is a varied and satisfying experience. It is a privilege to be able to assist a wide variety of people to navigate their way through the recovery process. We conduct assessment, psychological treatment and cognitive rehabilitation with clients, and we often work alongside other allied health team members on shared client goals as part of a true interdisciplinary team.

Our team work with individuals, families, carers, and residential staff, as well as running support, education groups and therapy groups. Being a psychologist is an inherently interesting and rewarding job. We are very proud of our friendly, experienced and passionate Psychology team at LFBIT and would like to take the opportunity as part of Psychology Week to celebrate the very important work they do!