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Mediaworks support raises awareness of Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust

Mediaworks support raises awareness of Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust

Capital Campaign Director Nicky Averill and Sarah Webster, Account Manager at MediaWorks on-site at LFBIT

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to the MediaWorks Foundation for their continuous support. Over 2020 and 2021, the MediaWorks foundation donated considerable radio air time, enabling us to advertise events, and supporting us to raise funds.

“For years Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust kept a low profile, however, this meant that all our team’s great work was going largely unnoticed,” says Jasmine Harris, Marketing and Communications Manager. “You really only heard about us if you, a friend or family member had the misfortune of suffering a TBI, spinal or complex injury.”

The generosity of MediaWorks allowed us to advertise a number of events in both 2020 and 2021 through local radio. These events included our Art and Sculpture Exhibition and our Christmas Giving Fete. This advertising increased awareness of LFBIT to the general public in a way we could not do by ourselves.

“The radio advertising really helped us spread the word, not only about the events we were holding, but also about the work our therapists do to support members of the community with traumatic brain and spinal injuries,” continues Jasmine.

“Not only was the MediaWorks Foundation extremely generous in their support, but they were also truly wonderful to work with, bending over backwards to help when our plans were delayed by COVID-19. Nothing was ever a problem. We are so grateful for their support.”

Sarah Webster, Account Manager at MediaWorks says, “The Laura Ferguson Brain Injury Trust applied to the MediaWorks Foundation after their recent brand update, the goodwill surrounding LFBIT was there, but brand recognition was low.

“The MediaWorks Foundation was proud to partner with LFBIT to help lift their brand profile and recognition amongst our Canterbury audiences; reminding them of the ongoing and far-reaching support they offer to brain injury patients across Canterbury and the South Island and ultimately encouraging donations to this incredible cause.

“The team have been incredible to deal with and the quality of their events in the community makes us proud to be involved.”

“The support we have received from the team at MediaWorks has been completely outstanding,” says Capital Campaign Director, Nicky Averill. “MediaWorks’ advertising of our fundraising events created wonderful community awareness for us and for that we are so grateful. Thank you!”