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Thank you Lesley for all of your hard work!

Staff Appreciation Post: Lesley Bensley

As an occupational therapist at the Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust, Lesley helps people to regain their skills and independence after a brain injury, concussion, or other injury. After switching careers from working in accountancy for twenty years to retraining as an occupational therapist, Lesley was recruited from Essex to join our team in Christchurch seven years ago.

Lesley’s usual day involves visiting people’s homes, supporting clients to practice meaningful activities that are important to them and their rehabilitation goals. Such activities include community outings like library visits and shopping practice; through these, clients build skills and confidence.

Seeing people in their own environments and homes can help our assessment and treatment to be more realistic and relevant to each client. “I love knowing what people makes people tick. I get very thrilled about it and I think that’s what occupational therapy is all about, because it’s so client-centred. It’s all about enabling people and empowering them.”