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Khadag's story featured in TVNZ documentary

Exciting news! One of the key team members at Can Do Catering, Khadag Bista, will be featured in a documentary-series Bulletproof, by Attitude. Bulletproof is a series showcasing possibilities for people living with disabilities and chronic health.

In 2018, Khadag went through a life-changing car crash, doctors feared he had no chance of recovery. After weeks in a coma, he had to learn to eat, speak and walk again. But Khadag is a stubborn and determined character who walks up to 10 kilometers every day as part of his rehab. Incredibly, this Nepalese chef has recovered enough to get back in the kitchen, thanks Can Do catering, our social enterprise catering business.

You can watch Khadag share his journey with the world at

Kahdag bulletproof cover