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Concussion Services at LFBIT

Concussion Services at LFBIT

Today we would like to highlight an article written by Nicola Ward, Pat Hopkins, Katie Hodge and Lynda Strathdee, which highlights the importance of getting good support and advice when you have a concussion.

This article covers the symptoms of concussion and the key roles that GPs play in early management. It discusses factors that affect recovery and the advice GPs should give to patients to help prevent escalation of symptoms and to promote earlier recovery. Finally, it describes the ACC-funded Concussion Service, including when and how to refer, and what to expect once a referral is made.

We encourage those with a concussion to see their GP, even in these busy COVID times. Once approved by ACC, concussion services can come and see you at no cost.

To read this article, click here.

Acting immediately is crucial to concussion recovery; stories like Ryan Jones remind us of this. Jones, former captain of the men's national rugby team for Wales, was recently diagnosed with early onset dementia at the age of 41. You can read his story here: