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Check out some of the LFBIT clients' fantastic work at TasTech

Check out some of the LFBIT clients' fantastic work at TasTech

A huge shout out to the team at TasTech, including three clients from the Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust, for their fantastic work in the workshop!

Twice a week, these clients are welcomed into the TasTech workshop in Wigram, to join the team and work on some incredibly cool projects. TasTech create a vast range of products for daily living, from chairs to shelves, and even games and toys. Currently in the works by our clients are a Jenga set, chopping block and a planter box, all of which TasTech are donating to the Trust and will be for sale at our Christmas Giving Fete.

“The best part about coming to TasTech is doing something for yourself. I’m not just sitting around at home,” says Kevin.

Kevin hard at work on a chopping board

“We try to create a normal working environment, we start with a cup of tea, and have banter throughout the day,” says Dave, the Workshop Foreman. “They do as much as they can on the projects. There is a lot of satisfaction in having a normal job and participating and being part of the community.”

“I love making things and having a chat,” says client Gary.

Gary and one of the Jenga games that TasTech have kindly donated to our Fete!

“It is really nice to give back, and make them feel included in the community,” adds Dave. “They’re as proud as punch when they’re here and hate it when they can’t come. They find great satisfaction in making something and giving it to someone.”

A huge thanks to the wonderful team at TasTech for being so welcoming and inclusive and for their generous donation of goods for our Fete. And a big shout out to our clients for the hard work they put in while they are there! We can’t wait to see your work on display at the Fete!

Learn more about TasTech through their website here: