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Robyn Frew's Story

Brain Injury Awareness Month: Robyn Frew's Story

Robyn Frew is our brand and communications administrator at Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust. About eight years ago, with a 35-year background in graphic design, a cycling accident suddenly changed Robyn’s life. “I was going downhill, about 35-40km an hour, and a car reversed out and hit me. I just went flying and when I landed, it shattered my helmet.”

Her love of adventure and adrenaline-pumping sports was suddenly put on hold, as she adjusted to life with a brain injury. “I used to be crazy sports person…adventure racing, climbing, kayaking, paragliding. It’s almost like you go through this break up. You’ve got to break up with all of your adrenaline-pumping sports, break up with your adrenaline-pumping job.”

Dealing with the effects of a brain injury is an ongoing journey for Robyn. Remembering to take enough breaks, walking her dog Scampy, and cycling to work are some of the ways she keeps up her mental health. “The only person that can really support my brain through it all is me. You always have this mental chitchat that you’ve got to keep under control, so that’s why I still bike.” Although it took a long time to feel comfortable on her bike again, Robyn says riding her bike is also something she holds onto as a link to where she was before her accident.

Robyn has now worked at Laura Fergusson Brain injury Trust for six years and is extremely grateful to CEO Kathryn Jones for her job and all the support she continues to receive here. Robyn’s job changes every day, which is one of the things she enjoys most about her role. She keeps a list of what she needs to do each day to help keep her on target. “That’s one good thing about my job, it’s never the same it’s always so different and it keeps me engaged.” Designing brochures and flyers, taking photos at events, and making photo boards of activities for the residents are some of the things Robyn does in her role. Robyn enjoys the variety and is slowly getting back to more designing work. “And the residents are so wonderful, that’s why we’re here. I’m just happy to be here, I’m very lucky.”