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Staff Appreciation Post: Lynette Harrop

Staff Appreciation Post: Lynette Harrop

While we have an amazing team on our frontline, we have an equally amazing team who work behind the scenes and create a foundation for our services. If you’re lucky, you will have the pleasure of meeting Lynette Harrop, our Senior Payroll Officer/HR Advisor, who is one of the kindest and helpful people you will meet.

Lynette has always loved working with figures, starting in a payroll position in Australia, and has been hooked ever since. It is one of the rare roles where Lynette is able to deal with all team members within the organisation, which is something she has always enjoyed.

The role of the Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust in the community is something that Lynette has come to have a great appreciation for. She says, “I feel everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission of helping clients both in the community and our residential home.”

“I consider it a privilege to work with Lynette,” says Alison Klopper LFBIT Human Resources Manager. “She has a wealth of Payroll and HR knowledge, with over 20 years of that experience gained in the healthcare industry. Lynette has a very calm, friendly demeanour and takes everything she is asked to do in her stride. She has taught me much about the intricacies of payroll and I look forward to many more years of us working together.”

With our recent move to Brougham Street, Lynette is happy to be in the new office, and for the opportunity to work around the team. She is looking forward to moving to our purpose-built facility, where all staff at LFBIT can work under one roof.