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New assessment services vehicle!

New assessment services vehicle!

There's a new, incredibly cool vehicle in our fleet!

We are so thankful to our friends at Vehicle Adaptions, who pledged a significant amount of in-kind work towards our new assessment services vehicle.

Vehicle modifications can create a huge difference in a person's independence and quality of life. Sometimes, all it can take is one small change to make independent transportation possible. In our new car, we have interchangeable styles of left- and right-hand controls with toggle switch indicators, an electronic left foot accelerator, various shaped standard and electronic steering wheel spinners, a transfer bench, and an indicator extender.

“It’s a pleasure for us at Vehicle Adaptions to help our friends at Laura Fergusson Assessment Services by modifying this assessment vehicle for the use of their clients,” says Margaret Hawkes, Director. “We love seeing the difference that vehicle modifications make to clients’ lives.”

“I really love the feel of the car that I can say that I love to drive,” says a client of LFBIT.

Thanks again to Vehicle Adaptations for their essential work! The impact you have cannot be understated, and we look forward to working together in the future!