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Behavioural support

The behavioural support service (BSS) is a specialised psychology-led service that provides a systematic and planned approached to preventing and reducing difficult behaviours following a brain or other complex injury.

Clients who exhibit challenging behaviour (such as verbal or physical aggression, socially or sexually inappropriate behaviour) can receive this service, which is usually funded by ACC.

Our team, made up of a psychologist and other allied health professionals (social worker, speech language therapist, occupational therapist) work with the client, their support team (including care staff) and their family/whānau to help them understand what drives their behaviours, and to learn strategies to bring about change in behaviour.

The purpose of the service is to:

  • Decrease the frequency and intensity of challenging behaviours
  • Increase the client’s participation in meaningful activities for them and
  • Enhance the quality of life of the client and their family/whānau and support network

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